John Healey is a psychic medium.

Anything can happen in a consultation with John.

He is one of the few professional intuitives who can claim to having had training with Major Paul H. Smith,a member of the original U.S.Military remote viewers.

John has developed his own style of reading which he calls "tracking".

Think North American Indian tracker, sent to hunt down something physically,and you've got the idea.

If a client is confused about a person or situation, he'll follow the trail of events in the past, present and most probable future.

Like all good intuitives he won't tell you what to think or do,but will act as a mirror in which the client will be able to see clearly for themselves what has to be done.

The winner of a psychic challenge set by Uri Geller in a national newspaper, John went on to train with many well loved international personalities including Stuart Wilde and Dr. Kam Yuen who influenced Johns' way of healing, Dr.Yuen was for many years the martial arts teacher for Hollywooods elite.

As a presenter for Psychic-Tv he has been offering in his readings the lost insights of Courtly Love accessed through deep meditation in the theta and delta levels of the mind.This unique form of psycho-spiritual guidance (neither counselling or therapy) is an intuitive lead to resolving problems in loving relationships.

A secret nobility kept to themselves, it is close as it is possible to get in these times to what is still misunderstood as tantra.

Recently John has been working to restore a vital missing part of astrology that he has found in the infinity symbol. He now offers Future You readings incorporating his Future You Astrology.

John is a presenter, a writer and a teacher of meditation but still finds time to remain a platform medium in spiritualist churches.