The Energy Store...Producing Power !

Your drive system :
Is it a high performance,green and clean drive system ?
Or -
Are you running on low ?
Do you store up energy and give it away to others ?
Do you not even know what your personal levels should be at to function at your best ?
Would you like to know how to increase the charging process to keep up to speed during the day ?
You own the batteries and you are responsible for recharging them.
Recharging energy healings will be available through distance sessions from early 2013. Recharging can be for you, or someone you know who needs it.

Needing a boost ...

Please let us know through the contact form if you feel the need for an energy boost.

John will be setting aside time once a week to send out healing energy to those who request it ~ or if you know someone (with their permission )who you feel should be sent healing please let us know ....

This is free and sent with love, but should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment.

Abhyanga...Full Body Massage...

A self massage with warm oil...I cannot tell enough of my clients to do this three times a week. Wonderful !!

The Art of Being...

This voyage of thousands of miles across India and abroad takes you on a unique poetic journey, where we encounter remarkable men of medicine or simply a villager who lives in harmony with nature. At the end it says; "Hope is natures way...",

Yued Method ~ Vibrational Fitness

Just close your eyes and chill...